Vodafone have now released the latest version of their Mobile Connect Dashboard, 7.04. There’s nothing new in the feature set and user interface, but behind the scenes there is some new and important driver support. Until now the Vodafone 3G USB Modem has been purely ‘Plug and Play’ with Windows via a scaled down version of the Dashboard called ‘Lite’ which is installed on the USB Modem itself.

If you only need internet access this is fine, but if you need the ability to connect to a VPN or want the added functionality of text messaging, the ‘Lite’ version does not have this, and the standard Dashboard used with the PCMCIA data cards is not compatible with the new 3G USB Modem. Version 7.04 of the Dashboard now contains drivers for the 3G USB Modem, meaning those without a PCMCIA slot who need VPN or text messaging are now accommodated for. This is great step forward.