Mobile OS vendor (and recent Nokia acquisition) Symbian claimed it was willing to “collaborate” with Google going forward according to Symbian CEO, Nigel Clifford.

Such collaboration already exists in the form of application add-on’s as Google services are available in some Symbian based smartphone devices, however today’s claim states that cooperation could exist on a “fundamental operating system level.”
Last month we reported on Nokia’s acquisition of Symbian and its intention to make the platform open source via the newly formed Symbian Foundation – basically a move which is set to offer competition to Google’s own open source mobile OS (Android) due for launch later this year and Google’s own collection of vendors called the Open Handset Alliance. Undoubtedly there is a mutual benefit to both companies collaborating on certain elements and perhaps today’s statement is a public show from Symbian that, despite the fact the two are set for strong competition in the future, in the eyes of consumers they still need to be seen to be happy working together.