Here are simple tips to help you optimise and prolong battery life for your handset. Especially for the new OS7 BlackBerry 9900 which has just been released.

In the history of the BlackBerry, previous Bolds were considered to have the best battery life. In comparison the Bold 9900 has a very low battery life. For example: the BlackBerry Bold 9900 battery capacity has dropped from the Bold 9700’s 1500mAh to 1230mAh. With a larger display, touch screen and faster processor, this will result in quicker battery consumption.

So extending the battery life on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or the series running OS7 is quite important. This can be achieved from dimming the backlight to tweaking some network settings.


1. Turn Off Wi-Fi when not in use:

Wi-Fi seems to have the greatest impact on battery life.

To disable Wi-Fi:
• Click on the top of the Home screen to open up Connection Manager.
• Uncheck the Wi-Fi


2. Reduce Backlight Brightness to as low as possible.

You are frequently using sensors and the default backlight brightness is set at 100%. However this can quickly drain your battery. It would be recommended to turn the brightness to 40% or lower, as it will help your battery last longer.

To change the backlight brightness:
• Go to Options > Display > Screen Display
• Scroll to Backlight Brightness and change it to 40 or lower.


3. Change Backlight timeout

You can set the timeout to 10 seconds, in order to give you a longer period of use.

To adjust the Backlight Timeout:
• Go to Options > Display > Screen Display
• Scroll to Backlight Timeout and change to 10 seconds.


4. Turn Bluetooth off when not in use

Bluetooth is a great feature of the BlackBerry smartphone. It allows you to connect devices such as headsets, PlayBooks, computers, speakers and more. But when not in use, Bluetooth operations can lead to wasting a considerable amount of battery. When you are not using Bluetooth, it is best to turn it off.

Disable Bluetooth:
• Click on the top of the Home screen to open up Connection Manager.
• Uncheck Bluetooth.


5. Change Network settings:

BlackBerry users know that 3G is brilliant for any area with strong frequency. However it is relatively sporadic and is the next contender for consuming battery life. So if you’re not using it to browse the Web…

Change the setting to 2G:
• Click on the top of the Home screen to open up Connection Manager.
• Select the Networks and Connections > Mobile Network
• Select Network Mode and select 2G


6. Use the Auto On / Off  bedside mode feature.

This is a simple feature. With BlackBerry 7 you can set the device to automatically turn On / Off at a set time of day, either on the weekend or during the week. If used correctly it can help a lot to save your battery life.

To use the Auto On / Off
• Choose Options > Device > Auto On / Off
Enable for Weekday, Weekend or both
• Choose the time you want to turn on and off (eg 22:00 to 07:00)


7. Turn off the screen

When the device is placed in a pocket or purse, the screen may activate.

To prevent this, you can:
• set a password with a timeout and/or
• use a BlackBerry holster/case which contains a magnet that switches the screen off and password locks it (if enabled) to save power.


8. Turn off applications when not in use.

Very simply, close unused applications. When applications are running in the background the CPU is wasting power running the program.

To close applications running in the background:
• Press and hold the Menu button to show the active applications
• Highlight and select the application
• When in the application, press the Menu button and select Exit (shutdown, logout, close) .


9. Reduce Application updates.

If an app checks for updates every 5 mins online, increase the interval times.


10. Charge your BlackBerry.

So that you do not run out of power, plug the AC battery charger or USB cable in whilst at your desk.