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LG have won the race to use LTE (4G) on a smart watch with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. The watch will come equipped with three buttons, which allows the user to interact with the product in more ways than the usual smart watch.

The 4G integration assists where the user has lost proximity with the paired smartphone, switching from local Bluetooth paring with the associated smartphone to connection via the cellular network.  This means the user could leave their phone at home and still carry out the main phone functionalities through the smart watch.

O2 UK will soon be implementing a new feature on its mobile network that will analyse activity of its users in real time in order to make immediate changes to improve the user experience.

Until now O2 send out engineers in response to feedback from users in order to manually analyse and then tweak the network for improvements. This usually takes days, if not weeks. The self-optimisation technology provided by Cellwize analyses the quality of voice calls, texts and data. The data is then used to pinpoint where network improvements need to be made, vastly speeding up the process. In some cases, it will be able to automatically adjust O2’s antennae to best meet the needs of users. Initial tests in Edinburgh have seen call quality has improved by 40%.

O2 COO Derek McManus said: “The way in which our customers use and experience our network is incredibly powerful and there is a lot we can learn from it. As well as regular infrastructure upgrades, we also prioritize the introduction of new technologies and are proud to bring this innovation to the UK. Our customers now use the smartest, most intelligent network available, which learns and responds to precisely how they choose to use it.”

The service is to be rolled out to the rest of the O2 network by November.


This week Motorola announced three new smartphone models to be rolled out over the next few months: Moto X Style, Moto X Play and the 3rd generation of the Moto G. All models will feature the latest Android software (Lollipop), but without the extra apps that other manufacturers feel that they need to add to distinguish themselves in the market.

Users will be able to hand pick the look of the device at the time they order, via the Moto Maker service. This will allow them to choose colour tones, metallic accent colours or premium materials such as genuine Saffiano leather from Horween or real wood. They will also be able get the back engraved to add a touch of uniqueness. Additionally, all three models will feature an advanced Nano-coating technology that will give a water repellent barrier (otherwise known as a hydrophobic treatment) to protect the handsets from splashes and accidental spills. Please find below further details of the individual models: Continue reading

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In June 2014, Vodafone announced a national initiative to improve mobile network coverage and speed in rural areas where traditional cell towers could not be used. The program received a positive response with support coming from local MPs, councils and rural action groups. Continue reading


Forecasts by Price Waterhouse Coopers observe that incomes from mobile Internet access are set to overtake fixed line broadband services in 2017. Year on year increases are expected to attain £7bn by 2019 (the highest in Western Europe).

“The entire UK E&M sector is set to grow by 3.2% per year over the next 5 years and will be worth £66.6 billion by 2019,” commented PwC.  Of this amount, 33% will be in demand for Internet services. This is based on £14 billion worth of spending on Internet services in 2014. Digital sectors such as TV advertising, out-of-home advertising and book publishing could push demand for digital services up, so that they attain a “50/50 share with non-digital in 2020”.  Continue reading


O2 & US network management firm Vasona Networks have teamed up to pilot a new mobile data congestion management tool in central London. The pilot is aimed at improving mobile traffic management and capacity in London.

O2 will deploy Vasona’s SmartAIR 1000 edge application controller and SmartVISION analysis suite across 700 3G cell sites in the capital.

SmartAIR 1000 helps detect congestion on cells and helps reduce latency on data connections, while SmartVISION is an analysis tool that provides real-time and historic trends on the mobile network.

Tommy Björkberg O2 head of network strategy and programs says “Working with Vasona Networks on mobile traffic management and visibility is part of O2’s commitment to great customer experiences, We field tested in one of the world’s most densely-populated markets to confirm the Vasona platforms abilities to benefit mobile data performance for our customers. This pilot deployment represents the next phase of our work together.”

Biren Sood CEO of Vasona Networks added “Telefónica UK is implementing a mobile traffic management solution that also provides cell-level insight to enhance network planning and to speed resolution of issues, Our work with O2 is demonstration of how Vasona Networks collaborates with mobile network operators worldwide on assuring the best consumer experiences.”



After a £15 Million investment to upgrade in service, O2 have turned on its 4G network in Belfast and Lisburn. The £15 Million investment including the modernisation of its 2G and 3G networks, as well as the rollout of 4G.

£5 million more will be spent to extend this to other areas by the end of this year, including the city of Londonderry. Continue reading


O2 will upgrade a quarter of its 2G and 3G cell towers by the end of the year, and will spend around £16 million to bring 3G data coverage to an additional 200 areas.

The upgrade work will be covered on an area-by-area basis with key components refreshed or replaced, such as fibre connections, radio equipment, remote monitoring and device antennas. Continue reading