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BlackBerry 10


The latest BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 upgrade is free, easy to do over Wi-Fi network and will be rolling out by the carriers during January and February 2014.

There are four main enhancements to BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 that will help your to become more productive in the way they respond to calls, prioritise their communications and prolong their battery life of their device.

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If you’re coming from an old BlackBerry model, you might be expecting the Q10, Z10 or latest Q5 can deliver the same battery life. However, if the latest smartphones have an Achilles’ heel, it is battery life.

You should be getting at least a day of battery life, maybe more if you’re not  using the phone heavily. If you find that the battery is draining extremely fast  then the culprit could be a rogue app or a hardware fault.

BlackBerry have recently updated their KB to help with this issue: Continue reading


With more than 60 battery saving improvements in the last update to BB10, users in various online forums have reported the Z10 battery life has improved quite a bit. As the battery life varies depending on how you use your BlackBerry 10 device, to help battery power last longer, try any or all of the following: Continue reading

BlackBerry® 7.1, the latest version of the BlackBerry® smartphone OS, is now available for customers in the UK. The update is available for the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900, BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810 and 9860, BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 and 9380 smartphones, and the Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry. Customers can upgrade their smartphones to BlackBerry 7.1 for free over the air or using BlackBerry® Desktop Software. Continue reading

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is designed to give you a solid battery life depending on what you do, but there are some things you can do to help maximize the battery life of your tablet so you can stay connected, enjoy your media and capture amazing pictures and videos. We’ve compiled a number of tips to help you. Continue reading


With a new range of BlackBerry smartphone models released recently, came new slimmer batteries, the JM-1 and EM-1.

In line with this, RIM have produced 2 new BlackBerry Battery Chargers that allows you to charge up each of these spare batteries. With the battery being able to hold a charge for up to 3 months, this means that users can always have a fully charged spare battery to hand.

Also with a USB Y-Cable, users can charge both the spare battery and their handset at the same time.

With the battery charger being only slightly larger than the slim JM-1 & EM-1 battery, the equipment is easy to carry about while on the move.

RIM have brought these items together, along with a spare battery, in a Battery Charging Bundle.


Here are simple tips to help you optimise and prolong battery life for your handset. Especially for the new OS7 BlackBerry 9900 which has just been released.

In the history of the BlackBerry, previous Bolds were considered to have the best battery life. In comparison the Bold 9900 has a very low battery life. For example: the BlackBerry Bold 9900 battery capacity has dropped from the Bold 9700’s 1500mAh to 1230mAh. With a larger display, touch screen and faster processor, this will result in quicker battery consumption. Continue reading