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Apple have today released a new update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; version 7.1.2.

According to their press release this update covers these points:

  • Improves iBeacon connectivity and stability
  • Fixes a bug with data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners
  • Corrects an issue with data protection class of mail attachments Continue reading

Security Certificates

BlackBerry announced this week two affirmations of its security: the US Department of Defense approval for use of its BB10 handsets, and certification of its Multi-Platform Mobility Solution. Continue reading

Android Crown

In a report released on Tuesday, Gartner has predicted that Android devices will on their way to more than 1 billion people in 2014. Continue reading


A new version of iOS7 has been released by Apple.

Update 7.0.3 will fix a raft of complaints from users about motion sickness, issues with iMessage and poor calibration of level sensors on the iPhone 5S. It will also add iCloud keychain feature to randomize passwords used on different sites.

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Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is a containerisation, app wrapping, and secure connectivity option that delivers a higher level of control and security to iOS devices and Android devices.

Work space apps are secured and separated from personal apps and data. The work space apps include an integrated email, calendar, and contacts app, an enterprise-level secure browser, and a secure document viewing and editing app. The work browser allows users to securely browse the work intranet and the Internet. If the device is lost or the employee leaves the organization, you can delete only work-related information or all information from the device. Continue reading

It’s always recommended to Backup as often as possible to safeguard your data. On this note, both iTunes and iCloud can back up the data on your iPhone and iPad.

Follow these steps to back up your previous device and then restore the backup to your newly purchased device. Your saved messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings will be transferred to your new device. Continue reading