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BB Z3 solo

Yesterday in Jakarta, BlackBerry unveiled the BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition. The handset will be available to customers from 15th May 2014 and will retail for around £113. Continue reading

Security Certificates

BlackBerry announced this week two affirmations of its security: the US Department of Defense approval for use of its BB10 handsets, and certification of its Multi-Platform Mobility Solution. Continue reading

Android Crown

In a report released on Tuesday, Gartner has predicted that Android devices will on their way to more than 1 billion people in 2014. Continue reading

blackberry link

Blackberry Link is the new way to transfer all your content from your Blackberry 10 device to your computer. This includes pictures, songs and video. It can also be used to transfer your data from a previous device to your new Blackberry 10.

It has seamless content management built in, allowing you to transfer your data to your device over Wi-Fi or USB. Blackberry Link also offers support for iTunes and Windows Media Player, so photos, video and other media can be synced easily.

Blackberry Link can be used to securely backup and restore your device data. The software can also be used to update your device firmware.

The software can be downloaded here or directly from the Blackberry website.

BlackBerry has released the first software update since the launch of the Z10.

According to the Inside BlackBerry blog, BlackBerry has released the update to respond to users’ feedback. Continue reading

Is this the coolest device in the world (no pun intended)?

Adam Phones received this frozen BlackBerry Z10 via courier, completely frozen.

While we wait in vain for the thawing to complete, click on the link below to behold some of its features:


Continue reading

If you’re having problems with your BlackBerry, they may be software related. In some cases, the problems can be easily resolved by reloading an application, or changing settings, but in other cases, there are more serious problems which require more drastic measures. Under these circumstances, it may help to reload the operating system on the phone. The following will provide the steps on how to easily do this. Continue reading