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BlackBerry has formally announced completion of their acquisition of Good Technology. With the joining of BlackBerry and Good services, this will stand as the most complete solution for securing business data, devices and applications. This will apply for any platform, regardless of if they reside on premise or in the cloud.

Features will include:

  • Secure and encrypted voice
  • Encrypted text
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Encrypted data
  • Encrypted enterprise files

This has now become a platform with applications for any mobile device, running any operating system, supported by security that has been certified by governments across the globe.

The two giants in Enterprise Mobile Management have come together with the release of BES12. With BlackBerry joining with Good, BlackBerry will offer a more centralised platform, which will manage multiple operating systems and applications. In effect, this will broaden their security support as wide as possible, which is a big bonus for both parties.



BBM users can now reply to their BBM messages right from their wrist by leveraging the BBM Apple watch integration. Send quick replies in an instant to stay on top of conversations.

With BBM’s integration with PayPal, sending money is now made simple. Just connect your PayPal account to your BBM. Once your BBM contacts do the same, you can start sending and receiving money. Continue reading

blackberry Knox

BlackBerry is hosting a 30 minute webinar to discuss the partnership between BlackBerry and Samsung regarding BES 12 and Samsung KNOX at 4pm UTC. The webinar will be hosted by Jeff Murphy, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, BlackBerry.

“Join us to explore the partnership between BlackBerry, the world’s leading cross-platform EMM solution provider, and Samsung, the world’s most popular and secure Android device manufacturer. Together, BES12 and Samsung KNOX provide a compelling solution that meets the needs of both end users and IT departments”

The webinar doesn’t require a BlackBerry Technical Support code, so anyone can register to attend. Click on this link and fill out the requested information. BlackBerry will send you a reminder to ensure you do not miss it.

boeing black

Aerospace giant Boeing is looking to create its own bespoke super secret phone, specifically for government agencies that need to protect highly sensitive data.

The company is working with BlackBerry to create the device named the Boeing Black. The Boeing Black is based on Android, and it contains a number of security features. One of it’s features is an entirely sealed case. If anyone should attempt to tamper with the phone by prying the case open, the phone will automatically wipe all of the data on it. Continue reading

According to a report published this week by security vendor Trend Micro, BlackBerry 7 was rated the most secure OS on the market, with Apple’s iOS trailing in second place. Windows Phone 7.5 managed to stay ahead of Android 2.3, which ranked last overall.

The report concluded that the corporate-grade security and manageability of BlackBerry made it the best option for the most stringent mobile roles, especially within a corporate environment. Continue reading


Ever wondered just how secure your data on the PlayBook is? See the FAQs below.

Does the tablet store any work data persistently in the work file system?


When a tablet is connected to a BlackBerry® smartphone using BlackBerry® Bridge™, the tablet temporarily stores work data in the work file system on the tablet. The work file system is encrypted using XTS-AES-256. The keys that the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet uses to encrypt the work file system are encrypted using the BlackBerry Bridge work key. The tablet stores the BlackBerry Bridge work key in RAM only. Continue reading

According to another taxi survey organized by Credant Technologies, Londoners forget on average around 10,000 mobile phones a month in the back of taxis, and more than 1,000 other handheld devices, including iPods, laptops and memory sticks, every month.

The study highlights the fact that if you travel in taxis or other forms of public transport, then you need to encrypt your data so no one can see it. At the very least, you should password protect your data since it could easily fall into the wrong hands. Continue reading