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Tackling bill shock for Pemberton Greenish


Pemberton Greenish are a forward-thinking firm when it comes to technology and were early adopters of mobile working. Their dedicated partners and predominant fee earners increasingly needed remote access to richer content and services, enabling them to respond to their clients promptly and cost effectively.

However, the company was experiencing excessive costs for calls and data – especially while roaming aboard. Despite the recent and heavily publicised abolishment of EU roaming charges, many worldwide destinations still pose a risk of significant bill shock. These costs were further compounded by the adoption of increasingly powerful and data hungry smartphones, which provided end users with access to a wealth of content and services. And the requirement for multiple devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) only served to swell data usage and the risk of excessive costs.


Adam Phones worked with Pemberton Greenish across a number of areas to tackle and control bill shock. Usage patterns of end users were carefully profiled to ascertain where cost ‘spikes’ were occurring, and a bespoke tariff structure was built that focussed on providing discounts for the most costly call types. These new tariffs were enhanced with automatic triggers that enabled the UK tariff inclusions to be used in over 100 countries overseas, thereby reducing roaming costs. Adam Phones’ tariff solution automatically applies the fixed rate bolt-ons when an employee uses their phone overseas and removes it when no longer required; it’s completely automated, and there’s no risk of human error.

Alongside the tariffs, Adam Phones has supported Pemberton Greenish with setting up effective account management and additional services for continuous, online real-time reporting and monitoring – such as a secure portal, app and proactive spend alerts. These have helped control costs and keep end users accountable for their activity. The business also benefits from a completely centralised support system, with a dedicated account manager and technical support contacts; for instance, replacement devices, in case of loss, damage or theft, are provided in two hours. All of these elements have kept fee earners in continuous contact, minimised downtime and increased billable hours.


Through increased efficiencies in the management of tariffs and devices, call and data charges have been dramatically reduced. This approach has given Pemberton Greenish and its users, complete confidence that they won’t face unexpected costs when roaming or working remotely. This approach has given Pemberton Greenish, and its users, complete confidence that they won’t face unexpected costs when roaming or working remotely; and, ultimately, improved the bottom line through mitigating bill shock.

Each employee also enjoys a high level of technical and account level support, and the on-going relationship continues to see an increase in user accountability and accurate cost management at Pemberton Greenish.


To ensure domestic and international mobile working for Pemberton Greenish – a central London law firm – would become and continue to be agile and cost -effective, we worked with them to mitigate the risks of bill shock.

We profiled their end users, built tariffs enabling staff to use their UK tariff in over 100 overseas destinations – and implemented bespoke cost control tools, which have all combined to manage usage and mitigate bill shock.

We’ve always taken Adam Phones’ advice, and they have supported us on this whole journey. As a traditional law firm, dedicated personal service is key, and that’s exactly what we get from Adam Phones – they care as much as we do, and the service levels are second to none.

Michael Kinnear, Head of IT, Pemberton Greenish

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