Working to deliver cost effective mobile solutions for Howard Kennedy - Adam Phones

Working to deliver cost effective mobile solutions for Howard Kennedy


As part of Howard Kennedy’s 20-20 IT vision, the firm has made significant investment and improvements geared towards an agile working strategy.  It was therefore essential for Clive Knott, IT Director, to ensure that when devising a strategy to replace the existing BlackBerry fleet, Howard Kennedy partnered with a provider who could understand and deliver what the firm demanded.

Howard Kennedy required a transfer of service, network and associated, devices, and applications – but structured in the least disruptive and most efficient way.

With the planned uplift in technology, a natural increase in mobile data usage was also forecasted as the firm moved away from legacy BlackBerry to a more feature rich smartphone experience. This posed a number of challenges which needed to be mitigated, specifically for users with a high frequency of international travel.


To accurately benchmark the estate size, usage and to take into consideration a partnership that travels internationally, Adam Phones undertook a historical review of Howard Kennedy’s invoicing over the last two years along with their planned employee growth roadmap.  This enabled Adam Phones to create a tariff structure that would save the firm money across the life of the contract term.

Adam Phones’ logistics team worked in partnership with Howard Kennedy’s project and service desk teams to prepare and deploy the new mobile devices and associated applications.  A roadshow was scheduled and managed by Adam Phones which enabled staff to understand the benefits of the new tariff whilst creating a forum for feedback on proposed devices. A training and rollout programme was put together to ensure a smooth transition to the new service, scheduled to run over a number of months, with Adam Phones supporting the implementation of new devices to staff.

From an operational perspective, tiered access to the Adam Phones Portal was rolled out to Howard Kennedy’s budget holders, allowing them instant visibility of device usage and unbilled activity. This ensured that end user spend would not occur without prior knowledge or permission.


With a thorough understanding of what the business needed, a bespoke tariff capturing inclusive voice and data allowances in 105 countries was created specifically for Howard Kennedy. This resulted in high confidence levels amongst end users, who now have a sense of security that they can use their mobile devices internationally without costly implications.

With the appropriate training and employee engagement, a smooth implementation was achieved which kept end users informed and in turn averted spikes in enquiries to the Howard Kennedy service desk.

In addition, with access for nominated users to the Adam Phones Portal, a complete overview of spend both pre and post-invoice, alongside granular reporting across the mobile fleet, empowered Howard Kennedy with the visibility needed to make decisions swiftly and accurately.


Howard Kennedy is a London based full-service law firm working both nationally and internationally. With clients ranging from owner managed businesses to global organisations, Howard Kennedy employees need to be responsive to a range of client requests at varying times of the day – often on the move. We worked closely with the law firm to implement a cost effective mobile telephony suite and partnered with their service desk to deliver new technology to end users.

The fact that Adam Phones understood our business strategy and partner with us on a long term relationship gives me the confidence that our business model, which can change at any time, can be met with Adam Phones in the future.

Clive Knott – IT Director, Howard Kennedy LLP

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