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SteelEye from Adam Phones, enables financially regulated companies to consolidate their order, trade, complete communications suite, CRM and market data to meet regulatory requirements and gain powerful insights into behavioural and commercial activity.

This unique cloud platform is able to ingest independent, unstructured data from an infinite number of sources, for both customer/regulatory analysis and internal performance benchmarking. These sources can include mobile and fixed line call recordings, text messages, emails and attachments, IM chats, documents, trade, market and reference data, and more.

By amalgamating all forms of communication into a single, intelligent interface firms are able to perform transaction reporting and trade reconstruction, ensure accurate record keeping, deliver best execution and report on market abuse.

SteelEye from Adam Phones can be supplied standalone or in tandem with our advanced mobile and fixed line call recording products. It offers simple, per seat licencing combined with rapid deployment to deliver a low cost solution free of risk and complexity.

Key Benefits

Best in class analytics

Advanced search and retrieval tools

Secure web platform with multifactor authentication

Cloud based immutable storage

Geographically redundant storage using AWS

Customisable retention periods

Freely export data

Simple, transparent pricing

Key Features

Consolidate data sources and technology vendors

Leverage MiFID requirements to improve performanc

Reduce regulatory burden

Complete trade reconstruction within minutes

Streamline compliance workflow

Meet regulatory requests with speed and accuracy

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