BYOD Blog Series (Part 3): Do you have suitable systems in place to protect your data from increasingly sophisticated malware, phishing and other potential cyber-attacks?

More web traffic now takes place on mobile than it does on desktop. Downloading apps has become second nature to many of us. And text messages and voice calls remain commonplace. All of these offer the means for cyber threats to hit, employees to fall victim to scams and your business infrastructure to be compromised.

You therefore need to understand how employee devices are exposing your business to risk – and how to protect yourselves. But with GDPR now in full force, there’s a fine line between protecting corporate data and protecting the rights and privacy of employees – and that’s particularly true with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Managing the issues

When navigating through these difficulties, there are several issues to consider. Among these are:

– The requirement for employees to access corporate data on their own devices-

– Your ability to monitor device, app and network threats in real time, identify when there’s a security issue and take action to resolve it

– Your employees’ ability to circumvent business IT policies through the use of their mobile devices

– The potential storage of corporate data by employees via file-sharing apps such as Dropbox

Fortunately, there are mobile security solutions that can help you manage all of these issues and more, including allowing BYOD devices to access corporate data and keeping it protected as part of a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) policy.

We recommend implementing these solutions as part of a fully managed service, where policies for threat defence and data management can be centrally overseen.

Protecting your business with Wandera

Our specific recommendation is Wandera. This managed service from Adam Phones not only enables you to manage and control your mobile data usage, but also protects against mobile threats such as malware, device data leaks and rogue Wi-Fi hotspots.

It gives you access to an advanced online portal, through which administrators are able to detect and act against threats in real time.

Wandera’s features also include the ability to revoke access to unsanctioned cloud storage services, enforce browser restrictions to block advertising and restrict access to specific content. You can even identify vulnerable device configurations, such as an outdated OS, helping to provide extra peace of mind and protection in the fight against cyber-security threats.

Find out more

Download our dedicated Wandera datasheet to find out more or, to discuss how Wandera may benefit your business, call us on freephone 0800 123 000.

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Posted on: 26th August 2020

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