Data Management

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The increasing popularity of streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix is having a detrimental impact on corporate mobile data usage and cost. In response to the threat, organisations need solutions that control non-business-related activities while continuing to provide access to the services users need.

Additionally, international travel is common among most medium and large organisations, but it can lead to costly roaming fees, specifically in ‘Rest of World’ destinations and zones.

Data Management
Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

  • Wandera, a managed service from Adam Phones, enables organisations to manage and control their mobile data usage.
  • Deploy policies and content restrictions for websites, apps and cloud storage services.
  • Enable / disable specific countries for roaming data access, set usage caps for user groups and more.

Comprehensive Management Portal

  • The Wandera app is supplemented by an online portal for policy enforcement, monitoring and mobile threat detection / evaluation.
  • Wandera allows administrators to compress mobile data in real-time by over 10%, saving unwanted costs.
  • Utilise a compelling ally in the fight against roaming data bill shock and global cyber-security threats.
Comprehensive Management Portal
Features & Benefits
  • Configure & deploy app blocking policies
  • Create policies that control data usage by location
  • Create custom notifications for mobile data usage
  • Compress mobile data in real-time by over 10%

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