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We understand the complexities of managing a mobile estate – multiple users, different usage profiles, international travel, as well as a host of networks, tariffs and devices. We overcome these complexities by delivering meaningful information and intelligence that you can act on from anywhere.

The Adam Phones Portal is a proprietary online tool, allowing you to manage your mobile estate, view and manage cost and usage within your business, and access invoice information in a secure and GDPR compliant manner.

Globally Accessible Data

Globally Accessible Data

  • The key to avoiding mobile ‘bill shock’ is the ability to view unbilled calls and data.
  • A full service provider with direct interconnects into our network partners.
  • We own our billing infrastructure, meaning we process and publish call and data records hourly.
  • This enables you to see what your organisation is spending almost as it happens.

Granular Management Tools

  • Enjoy an unprecedented level of control over your organisation’s mobile activity.
  • Identify high spenders, perform detailed analyses, set alerts and adjust tariffs.
  • Utilise our interactive map to identify where, when and what usage is occurring.
  • Nothing else offers this level of detail and control.
Granular Management Tools
Proprietary Solution

Proprietary Solution

  • The Adam Phones Portal offers the most meaningful and insightful information through an intelligent interface.
  • The Portal is a bespoke build which interconnects with our in-house billing platform, enabling you to interact with your data.
  • This means we own and control the solution end-to-end and are not beholden to external providers for licencing or development.
Features & Benefits
  • Analyse usage & costs
  • View unbilled activity
  • Identify high spenders
  • View & adjust alerts
  • Manage & amend tariffs
  • Download invoices & CDRs
  • Administer users
  • Full asset management
  • Set admin rights for teams

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