Spend Alert

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Spend Alert improves the visibility of usage and reduces instances of ‘bill shock’. By continuously monitoring usage and providing automated notifications when voice and data charges reach specified values, users and budget holders enjoy proactive control.

Notifications are fully automated and delivered by our billing infrastructure to end-users and budget holders via email and/or SMS. Different values may be set for a variety of call classifications, and specified users can be granted permission to configure their own alerts via our Mobile App.

Spend Alert
Unparalleled Control

Unparalleled Control

  • CDRs (call data records) are processed hourly by our in-house billing platform.
  • The time between usage occurring and the user/budget holder being notified is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • This protects the company from unwanted costs by helping to prevent further expenditure.

Bespoke Management Settings

  • Budget holders can administer the overall service through the Adam Phones Portal.
  • Thresholds can be set for individual users, user groups, or across the mobile estate.
  • Reports can be generated on the number and type of alerts generated over specified periods.
Bespoke Management Settings
Features & Benefits
  • Instant visibility of usage spikes
  • Reduced risk of ‘bill shock’
  • Better informed users and budget holders
  • Fully configurable
  • Instantly deployed and updated
  • Administer the service via Adam Phones Portal

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