Call Recording

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If you’re reviewing mobile call recording in light of MiFID II, you need a solution that offers simplicity for users and administrators, and be as cost efficient and scalable as possible. You also need a vendor who can simplify the process of procurement, provisioning, billing and provide ongoing support for the solution, mobile devices and network airtime.

Adam Phones has been delivering secure mobile and fixed line solutions to FCA regulated companies for over 7 years – and we’ve won awards for our ability to implement and support call recording as part of these services

Call Recording
Improve Agent Efficiency

Improve Agent Efficiency

Because we record all mobile and desk phone calls within the network infrastructure:

  • No application requirements or device compatibility concerns.
  • Solution doesn’t require user training, or changes to user behaviour.
  • Recording at a network level means no costly equipment to maintain.

Eliminate Data Risk

Data risk can be elimated in several ways within our solution:

  • All recordings are stored securely using 256bit encryption, sent via dedicated links to dual, geographically separated data centres.
  • Customers enjoy immutable storage for up to 7 years.
  • Customers choose the geographical territory that will house their data.
Eliminate Data Risk
Features & Benefits
  • Calls recorded in-line at network/carrier level
  • Single solution for mobile & desk phones
  • Encrypted, cloud-based solution
  • Geographically redundant storage
  • Multi-factor authentication access to recordings
  • Optional trade reconstruction platform