PCI Solutions

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Working in partnership with Semafone, we supply a patented and innovative secure voice transaction service to contact centres taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments.

This award-winning solution allows a call – and the call recording – to continue as normal whilst the customer enters their payment card details securely into the telephone keypad rather than saying them out loud. Card details are sent directly to the payment provider and, therefore, never enter the call centre infrastructure.

PCI Solutions
Improve Agent Efficiency

Improve Agent Efficiency

  • The data capture method disguises the sounds (DTMF tones) made by the keypad so the agent and call recording platform hears only flat tones that cannot be translated back into numbers.
  • While customers handle the card data entry, agents are free to initiate ‘wrap up’ tasks.
  • As well as ensuring compliance, this means call centre efficiency is significantly improved.

Reduce Cost of Compliance

The Semafone solution entirely removes Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) from the contact centre and call recording platform:

  • This protects customer data and reduces threats to the organisation from fraud and reputational risk.
  • It also eradicates hardware, logging tools and man hours assocaiated with audit and controls.
  • Additonally, it ensures the contact centre achieves PCI DSS compliance with an up to 85% cost reduction.
Reduce Cost of Compliance
Features & Benefits
  • Eradicates fraud risk & reputational damage
  • Keeps card data out of the physical contact centre
  • Delivers secure voice transactions for CNP payments
  • Withholds Sensitive Authentication Data
  • Integrates with leading payment gateways & processors
  • Enhances customer security confidence
  • Enables offshoring & outsourcing without security risks
  • Scalability from 10 to 10,000+ seats