How businesses can benefit from the used mobile device market (part 2)

With second-hand devices now being sold with near-universal grading and with warranties included, some of the possible barriers for purchase are now gone. At the same expo, Blackbelt’s managing director Harby Garchay highlighted the fact that there were more assurances for businesses when buying used devices now, claiming that “people are getting better paperwork with used phones, which helps to give them confidence in what they’re buying.”

The ability to purchase graded, insured and refurbished devices is one way this sector can benefit businesses, allowing them to access top tier device features with discounted costs. But another way a company can benefit from the continued demand of second-hand phones, even if they have no desire to purchase them, is by taking advantage of an Asset Recovery service.

Asset Recovery can come in several specific forms of service:

• Device Reallocation: Devices can be returned for service through repair and refurbishment within the original business, with devices returned to full functionality to minimise the need for new device purchasing.

• Asset Value Recovery: Devices can be purchased by specialists who will ensure devices are fully wiped, refurbished and remarketed to new businesses or consumers, allowing businesses to offset against the cost of new handsets.

• Device Recycling: Services to ensure that the products’ materials are recycled responsibly to help minimise any impact on the environment when a device is no longer fit for use.

These services are designed to ensure that so long as devices are still functioning, no matter what condition they’re in, it is possible to recover some of their value, either through re-allocation within your business or through the devices being purchased for remarketing.

There comes a time when prolonging the life-cycle of a device is no longer possible or commercially viable. Once best efforts to extend a device’s useful life are exhausted, it is vital, and in most countries a legal obligation to recycle them responsibly.

Whether a business is looking to purchase refurbished devices or to take advantage of either internal reallocation or asset value recovery services, there are some important things to consider:

• Warranties: If you’re buying refurbished devices, this is possibly the most vital. Does the business you’re purchasing from offer a good form of warranty? How is this underwritten? What are the processes for dealing with faults? These are just some of the key things to consider.

• Data Management: In a post GDPR world, your data management is not just business-critical, but a legal obligation. What data security processes does your partner have in place? Are batches given a unique code for tracking through the reallocation or recovery process? Are the facilities used accredited and secure? Again, these are just some considerations.

• Value Recovery: The objective of asset value recovery is to obtain the absolute best value from their devices. Things to think about may include: How are devices valued? Is there a grading system in place and how is this managed? Are there hidden costs in the process such as storage or shipping?

• Regulatory Compliance: Whichever service your business is looking to use, what compliance does your chosen partner have in place? Are they ISO accredited? Can they offer Environment Agency approved waste certificates? Are they registered with Data Protection bodies such as ICO?

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Posted on: 22nd April 2020

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