Is your workforce equipped for remote working?

The scale of the Covid-19 coronavirus is rapidly evolving, which has subsequently led to the largest mass exercise in remote working and business continuity in history. This has certainly highlighted the way different businesses operate, protect and enable their employees to work remotely, with an increasing number of workforces choosing to work from home.

In light of this, it is important that your company has the right tools and technologies in place to maintain optimal levels of productivity and efficiency across the workforce. This has now become a lot easier thanks to the continuous advancements in technology and powerful network capabilities, meaning companies are able to provide both virtual and on-site teams with access to reliable and effective connectivity.

With experts predicting that over 40% of enterprise telephony purchases will be based on a cloud office suite by 2023, it is becoming more and more vital that businesses have robust remote working plans in place. A flexible and powerful infrastructure is key, as you never know when you will need to test your business continuity plans and when your workforce will need to suddenly work outside of the office with little warning.

At Adam Phones, we are here to help and support your business to ensure you minimise downtime, enhance productivity and remain connected. Our Unified Communications offering includes a wide range of both hardware and software options, comprising of meeting solutions, presence settings, instant messaging, as well as both voice and video conferencing. Our powerful multi-channel approach ensures you maximise your business communications through effective workstream collaboration.

We are proud to work with several of the leading vendors in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, renowned for high levels of call quality and service delivery on a global scale, meaning we can consult you on which solution most closely matches the objectives of your business. Each and every business has different requirements when it comes to remote working, and we will work with you to identify which Unified Communications approach will work best for your business.

Another consideration to take into account when requiring your employees to access corporate data on the move is cybersecurity threats. Company data, or access to it, goes wherever the employee does – from smartphones to tablets to laptops. Wandera, a managed service from Adam Phones, enables organisations to protect against continued threats to mobile end-points. These include malware, phishing, crypto-jacking, malicious websites and Wi-Fi hotspots, device data leaks, and user manipulation (such as ‘jailbreaking’).

Further to this, our Unified Endpoint Management services simplify how you can embrace mobile with a comprehensive platform for all your mobile assets, from smartphones to tablets and laptops, including personal and corporate-owned devices. From a single platform, our fully managed Endpoint Management services allow you to initiate enrolment requests, integrate with your existing infrastructure, configure devices, automate compliance rules, distribute apps and documents, contain corporate data.

To find out more about our Unified Communications, Endpoint Management, or Mobile Security solutions, please call us on freephone 0800 123 000, or alternatively call your dedicated Account Manager for more information.