The evolution of remote working

The future of work will be increasingly dominated by remote working, which is quickly taking hold around the world due to the productive results it delivers to businesses and employees alike. Experts have predicted that 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020.

As the popularity of remote working rises, companies of all shapes and sizes must embrace this trend and adopt the remote working strategy into their business model.

The benefits are substantial for employers and employees, including work-life balance, reduced office costs, less time spent commuting, greater autonomy, higher levels of productivity and much more.

Working remotely is becoming increasingly common and part of this is due to the continuous advancements in technology, improving network capabilities and powerful infrastructures. The internet has become much more reliable and though it has taken a long time for reliable cloud infrastructure to emerge, super-fast fibre broadband effectively now means that any desk job could be undertaken remotely.

Such is the trend for remote working, that many companies now provide their employees with access to reliable internet connectively wherever they are, be it in the office, on the move or working remotely. Using a powerful blend of technology solutions, such as Vodafone’s Gigacube for example, workers can seamlessly connect their devices to a portable, wireless router, allowing instant and high-speed wireless access to the internet without the additional hassle of installation. This works particularly well for companies with staff working from temporary sites, as it will also access for up to 64 concurrent devices at any one time.

For some businesses, remote working is simply impossible (doctors or dentists, for instance) whilst for others, it may feel there are more challenges then there are benefits. There may be the perception this style of working can be harder to manage in terms of IT resources and device safety. However, with MDM software installed on corporate mobile devices, businesses can gain back control over the data accessed and applications used – ensuring a more secure environment for users who are out and about.

As for employees who require the flexibility to work from their home environment for other reasons, the investment in a UcaaS suite incorporating voice, video conferencing, and instant messaging can allow for an ‘always-on’ presence, enabling collaboration across the workforce, regardless of location.

At Adam Phones, we understand that each and every business is different, and there is no one size fits all approach for remote working. With the appropriate infrastructure, products and services on hand, we will identify and deliver what you need to achieve the right approach to unified communications, for your business.

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Posted on: 19th December 2019

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