Working in partnership with Semafone, Adam Phones supplies its patented and innovative secure voice transaction service to contact centres taking Cardholder Not Present (CNP) payments.

By automatically removing Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) from the contact centre and call recording platform, Semafone protects customer data and reduces threats to the organisation from fraud and reputational risk. It also ensures the contact centre achieves PCI DSS compliance at a significantly reduced cost.

Semafone allows customers to enter their payment card details directly into the telephone keypad instead of saying them out loud over the phone. These card details are sent directly to the payment provider and, therefore, never enter the call centre infrastructure.

The data capture method disguises the sounds (DTMF tones) made by the keypad so the agent and call recording platform hears only flat tones that cannot be translated back into numbers. While customers handle the card data entry, agents are free to initiate ‘wrap up’ tasks meaning that call centre efficiency is significantly improved.

Companies no longer need to use oppressive measures to prevent agents from potentially exposing cardholder data. These measures included removing pens and paper, implementing highly stringent mobile phone policies and banning email and web access.

The significant and ongoing cost of compliance is reduced by up to 85 per cent by eradicating hardware, logging tools and the human effort involved in carrying out audits and controls.

Semafone is scalable and flexible across multiple system architectures, integrating easily with existing call centre technology – including all telephony switches. There is no requirement to upgrade or change Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or call recording technology. And seamless integration with the Payment Gateway ensures rapid deployment with minimum disruption. Additionally, Semafone’s hosted solution delivers extra flexibility to add or remove agents according to seasonal demand – and include homeworkers or third party call centre sites.

Features & Benefits
  • Ensures PCI compliance at a fraction of the cost
  • Eradicates fraud risk & reputational damage
  • Keeps card data out of the physical contact centre environment
  • Allows contact centre applications to remain Out of Scope for PCI DSS
  • Enhances customer security confidence
  • Enables offshoring & outsourcing without security risks
  • Open & flexible architecture
  • Scalability from 10 to 10,000+ seats
  • No need for ‘clean room’ environments (CCTV, agent supervision, locking up personal items, etc.)
  • Delivers secure voice transactions for CNP payments
  • DTMF tones masked and not audible by the call centre
  • Withholds Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) from call & screen recordings
  • Integrates with leading payment gateways & payment processors
  • PCI DSS Level 1 accredited Service Provider