4G vs 5G: How will the next generation improve on the last?

5G is the next generation of mobile technology, offering faster downloads, smoother streaming, improved coverage and much more. However, it’s not just speed that it has on its side, 5G will also open up whole suite of new use cases that weren’t previously possible.

The main reasoning behind the upgraded network is to support the growing number of devices that demand internet access, and what we’re demanding of those devices. Where 4G can struggle to provide the data needed to a growing number of mobile devices, 5G opens up new opportunities for more internet-enabled technology for data-driven industries and IoT.

It is evident that 5G is paving a new road to the future for mobile communication, but how different is 5G from its predecessor? We explore some of the more exciting use cases that 5G will bring:

Holographic calls

Video calls could soon pave the way for holographic calls, as with the technology and advancement of 5G, you could virtually be in the same room as the person you are talking with. Vodafone has already successfully carried out holographic calls over 5G.

Mainstream autonomous vehicles

For self-driving cars to work most effectively, the vehicle must be able to quickly send and receive data to and from other cars and smart roads. This requires an ultra-speedy network, low latency, sufficient bandwidth and high reliability; all of which 5G promises.

8K video streaming

Currently, it is not very feasible to stream a 4K video over 4G. However, 5G will allow you to stream videos in impressive 8K quality, without having to wait for it to buffer.

Live streaming events in virtual reality

With 5G, you will be able to wear a mobile VR headset and get front row seats wherever you are. This will truly bring events to life in a new way, as well as being a much more cost-efficient option.

With ‘office Wi-Fi’ speeds on the go, we have instant access to information and can collaborate wherever we are – boosting our productivity. The promise of 5G is truly ground-breaking and we are only just at the beginning of the revolution.

But does this revolution come with potential risks? Yes. Where we have the technical capability to achieve more, we will undoubtedly consume more – in this case, more data. When many of our customers transitioned from 3G to 4G we recorded increases of over 40% in data consumption due to the potential unleashed by faster, better connectivity. For employees with compatible smartphones, 5G delivers a profound leap in capability over 4G. While we should embrace the opportunities this brings we also need to ensure we have a high level of visibility of how much data employees are consuming on their 5G enabled devices to avert the now higher risks of mobile data bill shock.

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Posted on: 9th September 2019

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