BYOD Blog Series (Part 2): Have you considered all aspects of BYOD spend vs corporate-owned devices?

When it comes to business budgets, implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy might seem like a chance to significantly reduce spend. And it’s true that savings can be made on capital expenditure.

However, in the longer term, operational expenditure needs to be monitored and understood, as there are various pitfalls that can be tricky to avoid.

Blurred lines and bill shocks

Firstly, the use of personal devices immediately blurs the line between business-related and non-business-related costs. You need to have access to reliable data to separate them – and even if you do, it places a burden on accounting or other teams who need to go through this data with a fine toothcomb. If can’t manage this, your business will be faced with paying the entire bill.

And what’s on that bill might come as a shock. Personal devices can be on consumer tariffs that aren’t fit for purpose and result in additional costs when charged back to your business, particularly when roaming. And in a world where people are always connected and strive to use content-rich applications, these costs can be hefty. It’s advisable instead to seek out a business tariff that can be purpose built for your organisation and its requirements.

Tariffs made for your business

To find the best tariff for your business, the right hardware and the time and resource to centrally manage everything from contracts to call itemisation, it pays to work with an experienced telecommunications provider.

For example, at Adam Phones we can build a specific tariff for your business that factors in costs and avoids surprises. Cost analysis on your mobile estate allows us to incorporate elements such as anticipated travel.

Costs can then be monitored through our portal to further minimise the chances of bill shock, give you visibility of unbilled data and allow you to make tariff adjustments. You can easily identify high spenders, set alerts and adjust tariffs and utilise our interactive map to identify where, when and what usage is occurring.

At the same time, our Wandera service gives you the power to manage data on your corporate devices. You can configure and deploy app blocking policies, control data usage by location and create custom notifications for mobile data usage – complete control that’s not always possible with BYOD.

Find out more

To find out more about our cost control products, visit our dedicated product solutions page or call us on freephone 0800 123 000.

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Posted on: 21st August 2020

Posted in: Mobile Industry Advice

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