How the impact of 5G may differ between personal and professional use

Whether you’re an early adopter or yet to upgrade, there’s no question that mobile communications continue to transform modern life, and 5G will bring even more change ahead.

Although the standard hasn’t been fully developed yet, 5G is improving on 4G in a range of different ways, impacting the lives of users both personally and professionally.

For businesses, 5G promises to make considerable changes to the way we work and communicate. The fifth-generation network transmits and receives far more data than 4G, and supports greater numbers of users to vastly reduce latency and downtime.

The ability to handle more data improves service delivery, allowing for faster response times and enhanced experiences whilst enabling for the creation of new mobile applications and use-cases that are yet to be discovered. Ultimately, opportunities to innovate will increase, positively impacting process delivery and output across an array of sectors. Work will also become more collaborative through the form of virtual reality and telepresence apps, allowing employees across the world to watch and learn from one another in real-time scenarios such as live medical operations or construction sites.

For users accessing 5G in daily life, you can be safe in the knowledge that 5G also promises significant change. Users can expect faster mobile internet speeds than ever before, including the ability to download entire movies within seconds. It also delivers seamless integration with the Internet of Things, the multitude of wireless devices and systems that are evolving quickly thanks to a nearly ubiquitous wireless network. This includes everything from driving an autonomous car to controlling a drone, but also how you interact. Long waiting times for an appointment at the doctor, for instance, may change rapidly as users will be able to share vital data from their wearable device, alerting medical professionals of impending heart-attacks, strokes or more.

With 5G, the world will ultimately become a smaller, more connected, and more capable, and as we enter the largest shift since the launch of the internet, we are only on the cusp of the capabilities this network can achieve.

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Posted on: 2nd December 2019

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