IoT and the currency of data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the zeitgeist of the moment. At the heart of modern big data, it is allowing people, companies and even cities, to collect vast quantities of information, and it is set to open up a wealth of opportunities that may not have even been realised yet.

Data is now considered one of the most important assets to have, and primarily, it is what is driving the most value to consumers and businesses alike. With the sheer amount of data available, companies can now offer tailored experiences, personalise content and develop valuable relationships with customers, increasingly becoming more competitive as a result.

With the advancement of the latest generation of mobile networking, 5G will undoubtedly change how people interact with one another, and IoT developers are making the most of the 5G infrastructure to explore new classes of products or services that are yet to be discovered.

Its predecessors – 3G and 4G – were primarily designed for mobile users requiring high-speed internet connectivity to stream video content, but customer demand is now pushing for more. The rate of innovation amongst smartphones is accelerating, turning hand-held mobiles into micro-computers.

As the digital revolution continues to develop, so does the demand for data. 5G is the key to transmitting, processing and storing the huge amounts of data that make our digital lives possible, and it will soon become the go-to network for millions of users worldwide. 5G provides the infrastructure and the fuel for the data-hungry Internet of Things, by providing the ability to handle 1,000 times more traffic than today’s networks – and is only going to get more powerful over time.

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Posted on: 9th September 2019

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