Why wireless technology is leading the way over traditional fibre

Whilst fibre is a reliable and efficient way to deliver high speed, business grade connectivity, installation can take months, with lead times of typically 35-90 days. Additionally, there can be added complications and delays due to permits, licenses, wayleaves and restrictions around listed properties. Fibre can also be vulnerable to building work, such as cutting through cables or flooding.

So while traditional fibre meets a host of business requirements in terms of speed and ‘on net’ availability, there is a viable alternative for businesses that require 100% uptime and rapid deployment.

Wireless Internet can be provisioned as swiftly as 10 working days, due it to its ‘light touch’ implementation, with speeds from 10Mbps-5Gbps available. On average, 90% of wireless installations require no wayleave or additional permits, and because installations usually require no additional construction, it is well suited for listed properties. In addition, wireless connections are less prone to external factors because the equipment is above ground rather than below – this also simplifies ongoing maintenance.

For many customers where their business depends on data for critical aspects of their operations, downtime can have drastic implications. Wireless technology, as well as being a suitable alternative to traditional fibre, is an ideal diverse backup solution when implemented alongside it as part of a dual, managed ‘Always On’ service.

At Adam Phones, our ‘Always On’ connectivity takes the best of traditional fibre and wireless technology, combining them to deliver a fully managed service with 100% uptime. Both connections are monitored in real-time 24/7, with the capability to switch traffic to the alternative connection without downtime should one connection fail.

To find out more about the benefits of wireless technology and how Adam Phones’ ‘Always On’ service can ensure your business has 100% uptime, call us on 0800 123000.

Posted on: 12th November 2019

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