Why you don’t always need a flagship device for a great user experience

Samsung, this year, launched one of the most expenses devices on the market to date, the Samsung S10, whilst competitors Huawei and Apple have been pushing the bar even higher on the cost of their smartphone releases for the last twelve months or so.

In addition, whilst we have seen a surge in cost for the latest smartphones, we have also observed many users thinking they need to purchase the most expensive device for the best experience. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Product differentiation amongst the high-end market is becoming less clear, and whilst we’ve seen the cost of high-end smartphones increase, you don’t necessarily need to spend big to enjoy great features.

Similar functionality is available at a more affordable price point from traditional low-cost staples including Motorola, through to more aggressive propositions from the likes of Honor. The world’s leading phone manufacturers are even in on the act, although the rumours that Apple was going to unveil a mid-range phone at its September event last year did not come to pass.

We’ve compiled a list of the most value for money devices – phones that do not compromise on capability for the price tag they offer:

Honor 9 Lite

As a sub-brand of Huawei, the profile of the Honor is growing rapidly. The Honor 9 Lite takes advantage of octa-core Kirin 659, including 3GB of RAM onboard with 32GB of expandable storage. With an 18:9 display, the phone offers a 13MP front-facing camera with editing capabilities that can bring even the finest foreground details into focus.

Huawei P Smart

One of the more recent releases from Huawei, the P Smart sets itself firmly in the mid-range device category whilst still packing a punch. Storage wise, the P Smart has a generous 64GB on board – at a cost three times less than some of its competitors. Its 6.21-inch screen might not be OLED, but its streamlined body and 3GB RAM ensure the P Smart remains respectable.

Motorola One

All the looks of an iPhone X without the hefty price tag. With all the expected features of an Apple device – from slender bezels to a wide notch – this phone can easily be mistaken for a more premium device. Outside of looks, it offers super-fast charging and the latest AI-powered innovations including the use of Google Assistant. Its performance is very much on par with the reliable experience found with the Moto G6.

Vodafone Smart X9

Simple to use and a streamlined design, the Vodafone Smart X9 is not to be ignored. The micro-bezel design of the Smart X9 allows users to watch movies in full HD, whilst its 5.7-inch screen and wide aspect ratio allow for a fully immersive experience. In addition, the phone is best placed to handle demand – it is paired up with a 3100 mAh battery, whilst the robust octa-core processor onboard allows a smooth and seamless performance.

Many manufacturers are turning their attention on cost cutting for their mid and budget range phones, often impacting materials – you’ll perhaps face a plastic finish rather than sleek metal casing for instance – but the feature set on board is often more closely aligned to flagships than it was just a few short years ago.

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Posted on: 27th March 2019

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