Call Continuity


Adam Phones Call Continuity is a fully managed service that leverages multiple Tier 1 carriers to deliver unparalleled telecoms resilience for companies intolerant of downtime.

Call Continuity employs a unique one-to-one mapping scheme that enables existing DDIs to be seamlessly routed to alternate telephone numbers during periods of outage. These may result from unforeseen events such as PBX failure, telephone exchange fault, or power loss.

Pre-programmed call plans enable inbound calls to be routed according to the nature and severity of the fault. Typical options include a secondary circuit, alternative offices, disaster recovery sites, or even mobile or home numbers.

Our approach avoids the client-visible disruption that results from crudely forwarding all inbound calls collectively, including DDIs, to a single user or destination.

Call Continuity removes sole reliance on the local exchange by hosting all DDIs in the cloud. This makes it the ideal business continuity partner to solutions that include SIP, Hosted Telephony and ISDN.

Additionally, the hosted nature of the service means that important number ranges can always be retained when moving premises, even when your existing supplier or carrier has informed you it is not possible. So there’s no need to communicate unwelcome number changes to your customers.

Features & Benefits
  • Increases telephony uptime and mitigates business risk
  • Maintain ‘business as usual’ during an outage
  • Route calls to any location you specify
  • Restore inbound communications within minutes
  • Remove sole reliance on the local exchange
  • Retain customer known numbers when moving premises
  • Full inbound call diversity from SIP, Hosted Telephony or ISDN infrastructure
  • Seamless one-to-one mapping of DDIs with one-click activation of alternative call plan
  • Existing DDIs become geographically agnostic
  • Fully managed service