Wireless Internet


Wireless Internet offers London based companies a viable alternative to fibre services, either as a standalone solution or in tandem with existing connectivity for business continuity.

The solution enables companies to benefit from high speeds of up to 5Gbps coupled with lower latency than fibre and military grade encryption for the utmost security.

For those opening new offices, moving premises quickly, and new start-ups, Wireless Internet is the ideal connectivity choice, with implementation times as short as just 10 working days.

With physical infrastructure installed above ground, Wireless Internet avoids costs for excess construction and cabling works, and is not subject to seasonal ‘network embargoes’. Additionally, with all equipment installed above ground, maintenance is simplified and repair times reduced.

As an alternative medium to fibre, Wireless Internet can be used as a physically diverse backup solution, either to existing fibre connectivity or purchased as part of our fully managed ‘Always On’ service.

Features & Benefits
  • Fully managed service
  • Truly diverse connectivity
  • Requires no below ground installation
  • Available standalone or as part of our ‘Always On’ solution
  • Bandwidth options of 10Mbps – 5Gbps
  • Low latency connectivity
  • TAES encryption
  • Provisioning time from 10 working days