Device Advice – Huawei P9/P9 Plus

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Huawei P9 and P9 Plus

Last week, Chinese firm Huawei released its latest flagship smartphone – the P9 – along with a larger and more powerful sister device, the P9 Plus.

Both devices boast impressive custom made processors, with the P9 Plus proving slightly more powerful through its 1.8GHz octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 955 processor and 4GB of RAM. They are also both noted to have above-average battery life, with the devices ‘guaranteed’ to last from the moment you unplug them in the morning until you get home in the evening – a feature which is certainly a requirement when it comes to business life.

With the P9 retailing at £449, the device is considerably more affordable than its closest rivals: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5. However, if optimum storage and processing power is key for your business, it’s best to opt for the P9 Plus. But, note this model retails at £629 – the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Although not necessarily the primary requirement for a business device, the standout features of the P9 and P9 plus are their fantastic photographic capabilities. Reflecting Huawei’s recent partnership with photography giant Leica, the P9 and P9 Plus boast two 12MP cameras to the rear of the devices – both fronted by Leica lenses. This brings advanced camera features to the everyday smartphone, and without listing the in-depth specs, even quick snaps are said to look professional.

With companies becoming increasingly reliant on clever marketing, live social media interaction and attention-grabbing graphics to reach out to younger generations, the photographic capabilities of the P9 and P9 Plus could make them the business tools you never knew you needed.

Posted on: 21st April 2016

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