Creating a bespoke online solution to handle the BBC’s substantial internal hire requirements

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In partnership with BBC Technology, we created a bespoke online solution to facilitate the efficient processing and billing of orders for short-term mobile hire, dramatically improving the operation of the hire service, and at the same time, streamlining accounting processes.

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BBC Technology is responsible for the management and supply of all technical resources required by the BBC production teams. For budgetary and control purposes, each production comes with a bespoke requirement for short to medium term mobile phone hire. The ordering process within the division was paper-based, slow and prone to errors. Similarly, the billing elements were cumbersome and time-consuming for BBC Technology and the accounts team. The highly demanding and ever changing nature of running a production meant that BBC Technology needed to provide a more immediate and efficient ordering and billing service to its internal customers.

Leveraging our internal systems to drive improvements and deliver efficiencies to customers is a cornerstone of our offering, and we’re delighted to have assisted the BBC with their requirements.

Edward Behan - CTO,
Adam Phones

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We worked in partnership with BBC Technology to build a bespoke online ordering and billing system to handle its short-term mobile phone hire. Easily accessible through a secure extranet, the system enabled users to place orders online. It also featured an efficient ‘back office system’, designed for support staff to use in administering the order process, giving them capability to generate orders swiftly. To reduce the heavy administrative processes related to the existing system, our technical team also configured bespoke billing to integrate with the BBC’s accounting and procurement systems. The system automatically produces individual invoices for each end user in electronic format.

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In addition to dramatically improving the ordering process for the BBC’s internal mobile phone hire clients, the solution also facilitates a more streamlined approach to the internal purchase approval procedure. As the ordering system is now integrated seamlessly with the existing procurement and accounts systems, expenditure can be approved and instantly monitored and accounted for.

With the new system in place, both internal customers and administration staff save time and are able to concentrate on fulfilling their primary roles both within production and in the administration of mobile phone hire.