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Odey Asset Management invokes Adam Phones Call Continuity


Odey Asset Management required a business continuity solution that could offer failsafe, robust communications through a single point of supply and support. The firm was operating a Cisco telephone system that served over 100 users across both its London offices and data centre. However, the company was reliant on a voice connectivity solution that provided neither adequate levels of resilience, support nor flexibility.

We operate in markets across multiple time zones, with over $10 billion of funds under management for clients globally. The effect of an outage, either as a result of a carrier fault or downtime during the installation, could potentially cost many millions.


To address the business requirement for complete resilience, we planned and implemented our unique Call Continuity solution utilising the firm’s existing Cisco telephone system and WAN infrastructure.

In the event of a fault with the carrier at the London site we would invoke Call Continuity, which instantly directs all calls to a resilient voice circuit at the data centre. This in turn routes all inbound calls to the intended recipients.

All setup and testing of the solution took place without affecting inbound calls, ensuring the firm were able to maintain full communications 24 hours a day.


Within a year of implementation, a fault on a carrier network serving the London site caused an outage of over four hours. Within three minutes of the firm reporting the outage to us, Call Continuity was invoked and all calls were re-routed. All staff were immediately available on their original extension numbers so clients were completely unaware of any disruption. Meanwhile, we managed the resolution of the fault with the carrier.


We implemented Call Continuity for a top-ranking European hedge fund, potentiallysaving the firm millions when a carrier fault causes a four-hour outage.

Within minutes of reporting the fault to the Technical Support team, all services were restored. The Adam Phones Call Continuity solution worked exactly as intended.

Paul Sheath, Head of IT

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