Rationalising Norgine’s mobile communications and implementing an integrated billing system

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Following a period of rapid expansion in Europe, Norgine found itself with a highly fragmented mobile communications solution. We implemented a complex rationalisation process and bespoke billing solution to generate savings of between 10-15 percent.

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Having experienced major growth in Europe, Norgine found the management of its existing communications solution had become fragmented and unwieldy. There was increasing pressure on the accounts team to manage multiple vendors, compounded by inefficiencies in processing the rising number of claims from employees for mobile phone expenses.

Additionally, potential savings were not being identified as disproportionate time was spent on the administration process with very little time allocated to the analysis of mobile expenditure.

Our work with Norgine is a great example of a number of our functions coming together to deliver real value to the customer. Our financial analysts, technical developers and account management division played crucial roles here that continue to benefit Norgine.

Simon Blackwell - Head of Product Adoption,
Adam Phones

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Collaborating with Norgine’s technical department and accounts team, we devised a rationalisation programme to consolidate the number of suppliers and networks.

Simultaneously, a thorough review of the current accounts process led to us customising our proprietary billing system to Norgine’s specific requirements, assigning individual handsets to the relevant in-house cost code. Invoices are now sent from us to Norgine in electronic format, enabling them to efficiently distribute, for authorisation and better control of the payment process.

The billing system created for Norgine also provided managers access to detailed reports that gave them key insights into expenditure according to each cost code and cost-centre. Employees were also able to utilise our Spend Alert service, an inclusive reporting tool that allows the user to set pre-determined spend limits and be notified automatically throughout.

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Through a comprehensive rationalisation programme and the implementation of an integrated billing system, line rental and call costs were instantly reduced. Each employee has access to a high level of technical support from a dedicated account management team 24/7.

Increased efficiencies in the billing process, combined with access to an extensive range of bespoke billing and reporting tools, has enabled managers to move from simply processing invoices to proactively managing their communications expenditure. The entire process has seen an increase in user accountability and accurate cost management.

Since completing the process, we have continued to assist Norgine with their data solutions, and support its range of devices. The evolution of this account is such that Norgine has realised cost-savings of between 10-15 percent.