Adam Phones Mobile App


The Adam Phones Mobile App empowers users to monitor and control expenditure via their smartphone, going further than ever before to increase awareness and mitigate ‘bill shock’.

Users can instantly track their current unbilled expenditure and activity levels, breaking down usage by call type and mobile data. ‘Bill shock’ prevention is enhanced with Spend Alert, enabling all users to receive alerts for voice and data use, ensuring they (and budget holders) are promptly notified should usage exceed specified limits. Those authorised can be granted access to set their own alert thresholds.

To ensure complete visibility and understanding of their tariff, users can view their current voice and data inclusions along with full descriptions. And to enhance the feature, nominated users can add applicable bolt-ons, enabling the organisation to benefit from any savings opportunities while streamlining internal process.

Invoices, including a full summary of charges and graphical overviews of subscriptions and usage, are viewable on screen.

The app is designed to deliver end user accountability; however, budget holders can utilise an ‘administrator mode’, enabling them to view expenditure and activity, and set alerts, for users under their control.

The Adam Phones Mobile App is available for iOS and Android and is compatible with all the leading mobile networks.

Features & Benefits
  • Empower users to monitor and control their expenditure
  • Reduced incidence of ‘bill shock’
  • Optimise tariffs to reflect variable usage profiles
  • Administrator mode for budget holders
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Flexible and easy to deploy
  • Track live expenditure and activity metrics
  • Set and adjust expenditure alerts
  • View tariff details and add bolt-ons
  • Access invoices
  • Enable / disable app features for any users