Spend Alert


Spend Alert dramatically improves the visibility of exceptional and therefore potentially costly airtime consumption.

By continuously monitoring activity on lines and providing automated email notifications when voice and data charges reach or exceed specified values, you remain proactively in control of mobile expenditure. And with call data records processed hourly by our in-house billing platform, we ensure the timeline between usage activity and user/budget holder awareness is kept to an absolute minimum.

Rather than limiting notifications to just total spend, with no indication of what activity caused it, Spend Alert allows you to set a multitude of alert types for voice, data and roaming. Different values can be set for individual users, groups or the same for an entire estate, with notifications sent to one or two contacts – typically the end user of the device and the budget holder.

To further enhance flexibility, end users can view and adjust their Spend Alert values instantly via the Adam Phones Mobile App, with budget holders able to administer the overall service from within Adam Phones Portal.

Features & Benefits
  • Dramatically increased control over expenditure
  • Instant visibility of usage ‘spikes’
  • Reduced risk of ‘bill shock’
  • Better informed users and budget holders
  • Configurable to meet precise requirements
  • Instantly deployed and updated
  • Set individual limits for voice, data and roamed usage
  • Enable initial and subsequent alerts per call type
  • Receive automated email notifications within the hour usage occurred
  • Adjust trigger values instantly via the Adam Phones Mobile App
  • Administer the service via Adam Phones Portal