Wandera from Adam Phones


Wandera, a managed service from Adam Phones, enables organisations to manage and control their mobile data usage and protect against mobile threats, such as malware, device data leaks and the identification of rogue Wi-Fi hotspots. 

An on-device application (supported across all major mobile operating systems) is supplemented by an advanced online portal for administrators to enforce policies, restrict access to content and applications, and evaluate any detected threats –¬†providing a compelling ally in the fight against roaming data bill shock and global cyber-security threats.¬†Download the product data sheet to find out more.

Features & Benefits
  • Configure and deploy policies that define which services employees can access, such as YouTube, Netflix and Spotify
  • Create and enforce policies that control mobile data usage depending on overseas location, enabling you to target and mitigate high-cost destinations
  • Create custom notifications for mobile data usage that inform you policy decisions
  • Compress mobile data in real-time to reduce data usage by over 10 percent
  • Revoke access to unsanctioned cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Enforce browser restrictions that block advertising and restrict access to specific content, such as gambling and adult content
  • Benefit from real-time traffic scans that identify websites and apps that leak device data, along with suspicious Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Identify vulnerable device configurations, such as an outdated OS or evidence of jailbreaking