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Adam Phones provide and support a mature business grade SIP solution, leveraging the largest proactively monitored SIP Trunking network in the UK.

The Adam Phones SIP solution delivers voice and data to an enterprise over the same connection, maximising network efficiency and enhancing resilience. SIP enables companies to migrate away from legacy ISDN circuits and associated maintenance to leverage the advantages of an all-IP voice and data network.

We can deliver our SIP access circuits within 30 working days, providing Internet bandwidth and voice calls with full Quality of Service via a segmented VLAN. Where required, we can even deliver SIP over a short-term access circuit within 10 working days – half the current lead-time of an ISDN dependent solution.

Significant financial savings are achieved by combining voice and data into a single Ethernet access circuit instead of separately contracting for ISDN and an Internet leased line. Support and administration is also greatly simplified, with service amendments delivered 70% quicker than ISDN.

Key Benefits

Reduced on going per channel costs of up to 65%

Superior scalability – add or remove channels rapidly

Compatible with Adam Phones Call Continuity

No voice traffic routed over the Internet

Dual voice and data solution

Key Features

Business grade Quality of Service

Dedicated VLAN for voice traffic

Load balancing of calls between sites

Proactively monitored access circuit

Fraud monitoring and alerts

High quality voice and data services over a single connection

Compatible with all leading PBXs

Business continuity

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