Adam Phones features in HFM Special Report – Best Practice 2017 for MiFID II offering

Ahead of MiFID II, how can companies ensure the call recording technology they choose will be compliant with the new regulations?

In less than four months’ time, the way capital markets operate in Europe will undergo significant change. With MiFID II regulations set to arrive on 3 January 2018, many organisations are running out of time to ensure their business is operating in line with regulatory requirements.

Whilst allowing the Financial Conduct Authority better visibility of trading across the sector, for businesses, approaching MiFID II requirements can be a confusing prospect.

 Adhering to best practice guidelines ahead of this regulation can ensure businesses are better equipped and prepared. Their operations can be streamlined, working together efficiently, whilst avoiding regulatory and compliance-based scrutiny.

Lee Robertson, Commercial Director at Adam Phones, features in HFM’s latest Special Report, Best Practice 2017, which explores best practice guidelines and advice across the industry.

Lee discusses how businesses can be confident with the call recording technology they implement, as well as its compliance support and integration capabilities.

Lee covers:

  • Recording calls at application layer (on-device) vs. networking infrastructure level
  • Maintaining business continuity
  • Reducing implementation costs and maintenance levels using a hosted model
  • Using a single repository to store all data, whether SMS, mobile or desk phone calls
  • Best practice data capturing and retrieval guidance
  • Vendor selection and investor interest

As businesses gain a more thorough understanding of how the Financial Conduct Authority will implement MiFID II, it is time for companies to act and start the evaluation and implementation process, ensuring that both personnel and technology are operating in line with regulatory requirements ahead of 3rd January 2018.

Posted on: 28th September 2017

Posted in: MiFID II compliance