Adam Phones launches call compliance hub ahead of MiFID II

We’re thrilled to launch our new website dedicated to supporting the financial sector in the run-up to the MiFID II deadline.

MiFID II, as many will already be aware, applies to firms that provide services linked to ‘financial instruments’ – such as shares and investment schemes – and seeks to enhance the robustness of financial markets. It represents a major overhaul of the existing law (MiFID I) and has several core objectives including investor protection, alignment of regulation across the EU, and the introduction of reinforced supervisory powers.

It’s crucial that companies in this sector understand what the legislation means for their business and how they can ensure that they’re compliant ahead of the 3 January 2018 deadline.

In light of this, our new dedicated website provides a wealth of useful information and guidance on MiFID II’s requirement to record mobile phone calls – for those involved in the financial advice chain. You can find answers to all of the key questions surrounding MiFID II call recording – from who is impacted and the exact changes that the legislation mandates, to the available compliance solutions you can adopt.

We collaborated with EE and Natterbox on our compliant mobile voice recording solution to help organisations prepare for MiFID II. Calls are recorded at network level, minimising cost and avoiding any disruption to your business. Our solution guarantees compatibility with any mobile device and doesn’t demand any change to user behaviour.

For banks and hedge funds, putting mobile call recording in place ahead of the January 2018 deadline is essential. Visit for more, and stay tuned to our blog for the new series of MiFID II posts.

Posted on: 19th December 2016

Posted in: Mobile Industry News