HFM’s special report MiFID II 2017 released

The MiFID II regulations are quickly approaching but many companies are facing challenges in being ready for 3 January 2018. There are few within the industry who are unaware of the impending arrival of MiFID II – however, not all organisations know where to start when it comes to preparing for its arrival.

As we count down to the deadline, HFM’s special report MiFID II 2017 provides the lowdown on key considerations for MiFID II. Through a range of industry-leading contributors, the report provides a unique overview of preparation techniques, must-know specification updates and future trends; covering areas from fund management and regulation to technology.

The report explores top-line issues, from where to start when adhering to MiFID II specifications to whether the legislation represents a bigger problem for smaller firms or their larger counterparts; while also going in-depth on more specific challenges such as different approaches to transaction reporting and how to deal with the rise of cloud-based compliance solutions.

From Adam Phones, our Commercial Director, Lee Robertson takes a look at how MiFID II will impact mobile voice recording (MVR) and goes in depth on how to approach MVR under the new legislation.

He covers:

  • What will the increased retention period will mean
  • How to evaluate all the technology options
  • Considering the balance between company and legislation requirements
  • Whether the call recording solution you’re evaluating is actually compliant
  • Contractual requirements around call recording
  • How call recording solutions will be supported by suppliers

For many companies, compliance was assumed when call recording took place – however, MiFID II will put these compliance processes under the spotlight. In order to remain compliant, organisations will have to define their processes, follow them, and demonstrate that they are doing so.

All of this needs careful planning, testing and implementation well in advance of the January 2018 deadline. For industry-leading advice on where to start, click here to read the full report.

Posted on: 20th March 2017

Posted in: MiFID II compliance